Come re-discover Jamaica all over again, that is the message to all golfers who haven’t been to the Island in many years. Leading in with exciting new resort property developments along the Island’s North Coast, just East of Montego Bay.

The course quality and quantity has never been better with 6 championship layouts available to enjoy, along with those ever entertaining and knowledgeable caddies at each of them. It’s all part of the unique charm and warm welcome one receives when in Jamaica for that lovely beach getaway, an energy recharging long weekend or an escape from winter with friends and clubs in tow.

Base yourself in the Rose Hall area of Montego Bay, now home to 4 challenging courses to keep your game from going dormant during the winter season, or travel further away, to resorts west and east for that All-Inclusive getaway, where golf is only part of the fun. Ask our golf experts to customize Your Golf Getaway this season!