Scotland, the Original Home of Golf, is a pilgrimage like no other. It’s a destination that can be a spiritual awakening or for one to simply understand it all better. Travel to the coast of Fife and St.Andrews, where one can play on new courses that look like they have been there for 200+ years and those that are 500+ years old.

Don’t miss the picturesque city of Edinburgh, with castles, shopping and nightlife and its fine layouts, don’t miss the Highlands, where Hidden Gems come out of the sand dunes and coastlines, that time has forgotten. Enjoy Baronial Resorts such as Turnberry and Gleneagles in the SW and Central regions, not to be missed even if just to visit for the day. That is the true Scotland, finding something new after every turn. Let our Golf Experts help you with your ultimate discovery getaway!

 Map of Scotland